Monday, September 2, 2013

Tour de Timor - Short message & thankfully not short of breath

I managed to get into Baucau (125km) in 38th place (6th for veteran men) in 6:38min. A good measured day of cycling within my ability. I lost 2kgs by the final weighing at the finish line. Solution: drink water bottles of .... water and then add 3 sachets of orange-flavoured gastrolite to the mix.There was a concert put on by dancers from local primary schools (no boys to be seen)

Tomorrow we cycle to Ossu (only 75km, but over steep hills). We'll go off road and visit the local hot springs.
Day three is Ossu to Same (well 4km south of the town centre) --> 127km

After a big late lunch and a double helping of the evening meal, I am now well filled and the bed beckons.
More reports om Sat/Sun next