Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In two days time I'll be headed for Australia and then on to Dili, East Timor (Timor Leste to the locals) for a two year assignment.
Right now I am enjoying a view of Lyttleton Harbour, 20m from the shore and it is a sunny, still morning. The down side being that New Zealand is in winter and everyone is noticing that this is winter and the temperature is 5 degrees right now, with an expected high of 15.
Dili will be much warmer and humid - all the year round.

Why am I headed for Dili again? (my last visit was 2006-7 when times were 'exciting')
Well, there is work to be done and I really wanted to see the country and people again, to check on the changes and show a bit of commitment.
The bigger picture is that I am doing voluntary work for ( via VSA (
Moris Rasik need IT help and that is where I can do a couple of things for them.
While I have two years up my sleeve, that time is probably going to pass fairly quickly, as there will be lots of things to do work-wise and elsewhere.
Moris Rasik are a micro-finance group and have operated across TL since 2002.
If you are keen on finding out more about microfinance, then have a look at: 

  1. See the country by bicycle (panniers, tyres and gear are on their way - just got to buy a bike)
  2. See if I can get a Toastmasters group going
  3. Check out the state of chess playing - maybe a chess ladder? (I can wow everyone with my 1340 level)
  4. Do quiz competition once a week (either competing or running it)
  5. Quietly promote good 'Record keeping' via PARBICA (search for that)
  6. See if anyone wants to do paddling races (am taking my out rigger / waka ama paddle with me) 
  7. Go scuba diving once a month (only did it once last time)
  8. Read a book or two
  9. Enjoy island life, meet the people and learn the language, 'Tetun' (this last item is out of my comfort zone, as I have never yet managed to pick up another language)
That will keep me rather busy I think ;-)

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  1. Big move with heading back to Timor, hope it goes well and you enjoy it. Welcome to the world of Micro Finance too.